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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Goldiemom, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Goldiemom

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    Bought a 5G tank and planning to buy a male Betta. Any suggestions on how to set it up, plants to use, items/ toy to buy? I got a Betta hammock. Anyone use Betta floating logs? Other suggestions?
  2. h

    helpmyfishplease New Member Member

    Run your fingers over everything that is going in the tank...anything even a little bit "snaggy" will rip betta fins.
  3. AJE

    AJE Well Known Member Member

    I always prefer live plants. I would do moss and hair grass. My betas just love live plants.

  4. AJE

    AJE Well Known Member Member

    Were you thinking just a betta or a betta and tank mates?
  5. L

    LucineT Valued Member Member

    Anubias and amazon swords are my to go but the amazons might be too big for a 5 gallon. My shy boy Finn likes hiding amongst the anubias leaves or lying on top of the marimo balls.

    Java moss are also my fav, normally tied to pieces of driftwood but only because I have shrimps as well and it's fun to see them grazing
  6. KimAnnKitz

    KimAnnKitz Valued Member Member

    If your tank is low light... anubias, Java fern, some crypts. In my 5 gallon I have anubias Nana golden that has gotten pretty big and a crypt wendtii bronze that's very happy as well. There's a Java windlove that I have a bit too much light for. I have a neat rock too. The tank is pretty full. The moss and moss balls are also good ideas... I've had bacopa go crazy in that tank too but I have higher light. I'm getting ready to go back to lower light on this tank if my plants can take it...
  7. Fishaholic58

    Fishaholic58 Valued Member Member

    If you are okay with fake plants then I would buy a nice silk one. My betta loves resting on it. I’d also buy something he can go in/rest in. The last two bettas that I’ve had loved to sleep in their little cave.
  8. Iverg1

    Iverg1 Well Known Member Member

    I have a log and my betta loves it in fact he completely ignores the hammock and when I take away his log for some reason or other he just sits there starring at me grumpily. I actually did a poll on whether bettas like hammocks or logs more and people said it depends on the betta
  9. Iverg1

    Iverg1 Well Known Member Member

    I also personally like lots of hideyholes whatever your preference is but if you don't do hideyholes you have to have at least plants he can hide in
  10. Fishaholic58

    Fishaholic58 Valued Member Member

    I’ll have to try the log. :)
  11. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    Hello! Congratulations on the betta tank :)

    You may want to do live plants, but if you aren’t going to, then go for silk decorations and plants, they are better than plastic. I have silk in some of my tanks, but anything that isn’t silk, must have passed the pantyhose test. Run your decorations throug a pair of pantyhose, and if they snag or tear the pantyhose, the item shouldn’t be used.

    I have ripped many of betta fins in my days.

    Floating logs and betta hammocks are really good, some like them, but others may not, mine weren’t huge fans. I found that my bettas liked the sinking log, mirror, and broad leaves plants whether they were silk or not. I still like live plants, my five gallon has live plants.

    What type of betta are you getting?

    If you are getting a placate or shorter fin variety, the filtration can vary. I found that shorter fin types don’t mind a little current, while the others hate it. I keep my bettas in near stagnant water, but not completely. If you are using sponge filter, then you are good to go.

    I hope everything works for you!
  12. DuaneReads

    DuaneReads New Member Member

    I would recommend live plants as they are the least likely to tear your betta's fins and also take up nitrates. Make sure you understand the nitrogen cycle and that your tank is fully cycled before you buy the betta. Use low flow filtration as bettas with larger fins usually get irritated if they can't swim in certain areas because of strong filtration. Also, my betta seems to like looking at the snails and shrimp but just so you know shrimp are not always accepted by the betta and he may kill them. Personally, I found larger clearer shrimp, like Amano shrimp or ghost shrimp work best. If you need any help with understanding the nitrogen cycle, I'd recommend this detailed video:
  13. UglyAsian

    UglyAsian Well Known Member Member

    Get a silk or cotton clothe. Rub or poke the cloth, and if it catches,it is too rough. I recommend elodi(Anacharis), hornwort, and water sprite. They grow super well in low and high light.
  14. OP

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
  15. OP

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    Just the betta. Plenty of mates in other tanks. Lol
  16. OP

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    Is yours a floating log or one on the bottom?
  17. OP

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    Java moss is one of my favs too.
  18. BettaFishKeeper4302

    BettaFishKeeper4302 Well Known Member Member

    Get a marimo moss ball. Those are kind of meant for them.
  19. OP

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    Just ordered one...thanks!
  20. Iverg1

    Iverg1 Well Known Member Member

    Floating but I think he would like one on the bottombtoo!

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