Suggestions for a 125 gallon?

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    sadlymarch New Member Member

    I will soon be purchasing a 125 gallon fish tank... as of right now, I will be transferring an oscar, two pacu, and possibly my red devil (I've heard that they're not as agressive if given more room) into it. I do not know whether I am going to move my 3 parrotfish in to the new tank or if I am going to keep them in the 55 gallon that they are in now.

    What else would you suggest adding to the 125 gallon tank, if anything else at all? I was thinking a couple more oscars and a large plec or catfish.
  2. J

    Jon Well Known Member Member

    maybe a plecu but a 125 gallon will be pretty good with pacus and oscars
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Your pacus are gonna get ridiculously large and will eventually outgrow that tank, and you don't know how aggressive the red devil is gonna be, so I don't think I would add any other fish to that tank. I think the parrots would be much better off and happier separated from the pacus, red devil and oscar. They would be very pretty in that 55 gal. ;)