Suddenly One-eyed mollies please help!

  1. Schala451

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    I need help i think. I have about maybe thirty mollies that vary in size small kids to young adult size. As well as 2 yoyo loaches for snail cleanup, and a red tailed albino shark in a 55g tank. I don't have test kits atm but I have checked it enough in the past to assure myself the parameters are probably not the issue here (at least the three evils ammonia, nitrate, nitrite are always fine). I have had this tank set up for almost three years and literally hundreds of mollies have been born and grown in it with fairly little issues. Particularly never once have I had a missing eye in a molly. I haven't had the loaches for that long and since then i've had three of them missing an eye. The empty socket looks pristine in all the cases, the eye is just gone the
    mostly white marble mollies show no redness or torn areas around it the eye is just gone it seems. could the loaches be doing this or maybe the red tailed shark as she is also a fairly new addition? please help if possible ty.
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    Sometimes interbreeding can cause deformities...but you cant never rule out another fish....the size of the tank is great though....keeping their water prestine and maybe add some fresh garlic to their foods, can help them stay healthy as they can with one eye....also maybe your LFS will do some molly exchanges for you so you can get some new stock in the tank that arent related? good luck!
  3. OP

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    Ty for the timely response =). I won't say it's impossible but the mollies in question all came from one balloon molly I bought already really pregnant she had about 130 babies over about 4 births and recently she died =(. I think she was of really mixed origin cause she gave me shortfins, sailfins, balloons and lyretails and was extremly large in base size for a balloon brown with spots all over her. I think the babies near the end were premature but direct relation seems unlikely. hope that helps narrow it down a bit also not sure but I watch my fish for hours a day literally but i usually leave the room for feeding to ensure I don't bother them, and it seems as though i always find one of the one eyed fish after a feeding which led me to accuse the loaches as during feeding they tend to pick or poke at whatever fish might be around them.