Sudden Temp Change..


Ok here comes a face-palmer.
I just added an area of sand to my gravel substrate while fish were in the tank, about 50% of water removed. At one point during this process I noticed the sand was cooler than room temp and was making the water cold. So I then overcorrected adding warm water and my tank went up about 5 degrees from normal, so currently 80 degrees.
I was going to then small amount of cooler water, but sometimes in the heat of the fish moments as I already showed once so far, we don't make the brightest decisions.
So should I let the temp come down naturally and hope nobody dies or add some cool water (and hope nobody dies)?


I would just leave it and let it get to normal temp gradually. Drastic changes are more detrimental than gradual.


Another vote for let it do what it will. A whoops, but hopefully it won’t hurt your tank.
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Thanks! I left it alone and I think everyone looks fine so far, temp is down to normal.
On a side note the cories are looking like they like the sand. I used blasting sand and in pictures I've seen it looks actually black, but whatever I got has a lot of gold in it.
Oh well....maybe at least it'll hide the poop better than real black.

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