Sudden realisation - Power Outrage tips!

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Hello all!

BNB here with a question; What do I do in case of a power break/outage? We have no solar powered anything, or back up generators. Sometimes the power will just randomly cut off, because y'know - Ireland! Sometimes it's back in five minutes, or five hours, or a day or two.

Should I invest in some sort of... generator? I have two tanks, one nano in my bedroom and the other big tank in the breakfast room. How to I prepare for upcoming outages?
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I was pondering about this for days now, stormy season is about to go in and power outages can be expected. I was thinking of a low tech ups? Is that possible? Awaiting replies.
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For the short term if it's cold, wrap your tank in a blanket. If it's about the right temp for the fish. Leave it.

If it's more than a few hours you could always get a UPS Battery backup like you would get for a a computer. Most computer battery backups for a computer last like 20 - 30 minutes and a filter and air pump for an aquarium usually use a whole lot less power. so should last quite a long time. No clue how long, but they don't take much power

Only reason I personally would stay away form a generator is unless you want to open a window or a door, you don't want to run a generator inside.
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If its only for a short period of time you can take a cup of tank water and pour it back in to create oxygen. Maybe look into a battery powered air pump like stated above?
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The suggestions in this sticky might be helpful
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Lucy thank you! Will go with ups backup.
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Sponge filter and battery powered air pump. As for heat, not so sure there, just wrap the tank with blankets so the temp maintains as well as possible
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Thank you everybody for your replies ^_^ I'm going to try get a battery powered air pump and I'll also be getting a ups backup when I get the chance. Thank you!

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