Sudden Fry

  1. sunsetsarsaparilla Initiate Member

    just found two fry in my tank. Caught them and put them in a tupperware with moss balls (i dont know what to do!). Is there anything i can make or something or will two fry be fine in a tupperware with mossballs? Theyre platy fry.
  2. DHIWZ Member Member

    I'd try investing in a small 2.5-5 gallon aquarium with a sponge filter and airstone. A tupperware box (I'm assuming like the kind I'd pack a sandwich in) might work for just 2 fry, but I guarantee you will get the very best results with a full breeder tank setup.

  3. sunsetsarsaparilla Initiate Member

    Thank you :) if im without a filter and only the mossballs for the fry, will they survive?
  4. DHIWZ Member Member

    Doubtful, without a filter any poop or uneaten food will become ammonia and kill them almost instantly.

  5. sunsetsarsaparilla Initiate Member

    thank you. Will see what i can do.