Sudden death of platy!

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Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the reason why one of my platy fish may have died so suddenly.

Before i went to work this morning i checked on all fish and they looked fine, when i came home i found my salt and pepper platy lying on the bottom of the tank, her body was curved & she had a clamped tail, she made little atrempt to swim but when she did would flip over & land back on the bottom of the tank. Within a few hours she passed away.

Previous to this the fish appeared fine, swimming & eating as normal. All other fish seem ok. I immediately checked the water parameters and they were all good. I have had the tank for 4 years & carry out weekly water changes.

I have had this particular fish for 5 months, when i first had her i treated her for worms as she had white poo & was shimmying on the bottom of the was treated more white poos & it did not affect any of the other fish.

3 things have happened in the last week though & im wondering if this has led to her death at all...firstly i increased the temp in their tank from 70F to 72F as realised the temp was a little on the cold side for the fish. I also added a new platy to the tank 3 days ago...My friend wanted to split up a male & female platy so i had the female...the new fish seems healthy and shows no sign of illness...thirdly i added carbon back in to my filter to filter out any remaining medication from the tank...even tho i havent medicated for a while & have done lots of water changes since the last time i medicated the tank!

Any thoughts/opinions would be much appreciated...thank you.

I have attached a pic of the fish just before she died!


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Honestly, could be a number of things. Did you quarantine the new fish? They can have illnesses that aren't visible. I highly doubt a temp change of two degrees was the issue. I don't regulate my platy tanks' temps (no heater) so they can fluctuate according to room temp. This happens in nature--it's never the same temp 24/7, at least in most places. Carbon shouldn't have any affect. I've had fish die in similar ways and have never been able to tell the cause.
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