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    kizzet New Member Member

    Just wanted to let everyone know my tank has officially finished cycling! I ended up just bacteria bombing the heck out of my tank by dumping the 8.25oz bottle of TSS I had into the filter yesterday morning after yet another large pwc because I was so sick of nitrite spikes and tired of looking at the bottle just sitting on my shelf. I figured it couldn't hurt to try and the worst that would happen was nothing but I am happy to report I have tested three times in over 24hrs and everything but nitrate is 0 and hasn't changed!

    I even used treated water overdosed with Prime and TSS still worked beautifully so they CAN be used together. I don't know why tetra says they can't since all Prime does is bind up harmful toxins to make them less harmful to fish while the bio filter pac man chomps them away.

    I'm so happy I could shed a tear! Although now I have all this free time since I will no longer be doing daily maintenance it's so weird it's all I've been doing for the past 40+ days and now just like that it's over and we can all be one big happy fish family! I also got a light for my tank and everything looks so official now! Thank you everyone for all your help! Can't wait to start my 50g! This is so addictive!


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    axel Well Known Member Member

    nice,just be patience

  3. M

    Maxi1 Valued Member Member

    Very good news! I remember when my first tank got cycled, I felt the same as you... It's a great feeling. Yes, continue to be patient in this hobby. I've been doing this for a few years now and I still have to remember to add fish slowly and a few at a time. I have 5 cardinals right now in quarantine.
  4. jdhef

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    I;m assuming the Prime and TSS worked beautifully together because you didn't have any ammonia in the tank and didn't need the ammonia converting bacteria in the TSS to survive, you only needed the nitrite converting bacteria to survive. I think the water conditioners cause a problem with the ammonia converting bacteria.