success mixing good I need to give babies away

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    Got a 175 gallon tank in where I have 3 generations of Convict cyclids...albino, regular and hybrids. Turn out to be that the hybrids are quite unique and they seem to be very fertile.  Every where you look now there is a male/female and over 30 babies each family. Counted 5 families. Babies anyone???. I included firemouths, Texan cyclids, Africans, Oscars, to help with forced but natural selection...all of them behaving and no low counts on babies. No major fights. And the most strange thing I do not seem to understand. Got 3-10 inch Tinfoil barbs that seem to be rubbing each other constantly almost embracing. Not aggressive behavior. They are extremely healthy no sign of damage to their scales. What are they doing?
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    A 175 gallon tank! I am jealous! That's all I have to say, since I know nothing of the bigger Cichlids that you have, lol, sorry. Others in this forum do however, so just wait for someone to give you a hand :) 175G ! You're lucky.
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    175! wowza thats big :eek: