Substrate Too Coarse? Question

  1. BRDrew

    BRDrew Valued Member Member

    I'm in the process of stocking my first SW tank. I was pretty excited of getting my first fish, a goby.

    Not sure what species yet but every goby I've seen in my LFS is best housed in a sand bottom tank (as far as liveaquaria indicates). Would it be too bad to have a goby such as a yellow watchman or Wheeler's Shrimp Goby in a coarser substrate?

    I use aragonite, its not super coarse but defenetely a lot coarser than the sand I use in my FW systems.
  2. M

    Maggie321 Valued Member Member

    I have aragonite and a tangaroa goby. It is not a sand sifter. The pistol/candy cane shrimp does all the digging. When researching the goby you want, look at it's diet requirements. If it is mostly pods, and a sand shifter, skip it and look at the next species.