Substrate size for little tetras?

  1. Bob Ellis Member Member

    I am working on a community tank that will ultimately have a combination of glowlight, neon, and black skirt tetras. I have been successfully feeding Omega One mini pellets to the little guys but even when feeding slowly I think there is too much of the food ending up in crevices in the gravel. I have the typical pet store sized gravel in the tank.

    I know there are size guidelines based on what the fish might get into its mouth, does anyone have a recommendation for something smaller but still safe for the little tetras?

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  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I'd go for sand, any uneaten food sits on the surface & you can syphon it out, sand is also better for bottom dwellers if you decide to have some

  3. Fatecallsuponus Initiate Member

    An apple snail does the trick for me!
  4. Bob Ellis Member Member

    I had read sand might not be okay because the little guys can choke in it. Was this not accurate?

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  5. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I've never heard of fish choking on a sand substrate, I've had it in some form in all my tanks over the years with all kinds of fish from large to small, your tetras will be fine with it.