Substrate Divider

  1. mccann1987

    mccann1987 Valued Member Member

    Have all gravel substrate at the moment. Would like some sand for corys so am thinking of doing half sand andhalf gravel.

    I would like a divider inbetween and slightly above the 2 substrates to minimise them both mixing together and also for easier cleaning of the 2 substrates.

    If I was to use aquatic safe silicone to stick a few pvc pipes together (pictured below) so they would protrude an inch or two above the substrate and then use the same silicone to attach gravel/stones to the piping (pictured below)

    Do you think this would look ok and act as a good barrier to stop the 2 from mixing. I know over time little bits will mix eventually but this should minimise it alot and be alot more manageable.

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  2. cichlid234

    cichlid234 Valued Member Member

    I don't see why not might want to take some measures to make sure fish can't get stuck in pipe . But I like it
  3. OP

    mccann1987 Valued Member Member

    That's a good point.