substrate and gravel vacing?

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The other day, Gunnie was talking about a substrate, runs about 20.00 a bag, smaller than gravel, but larger than sand.  I have a few questions.  Anything that will help the plants grow I'm all for
--What was the name of the substrate
--Where do you purchase, mail order or local chain store
--Since the substrate is smaller will it get vacumed up when doing water changes.
--How do you transfer from gravel to the other substrate without: 1)Shocking the fish becaus of such a drastic change in their environment and 2) Loosing all of the good bio matter in the gravel
--How thick should it be on the bottom of the tank
     ** because if you listen to the bag, like gravel, it will tell you way too much, which I found out, but  only after it was put in the tank.
--How do you ancher the plants that root under gravel (the ones w/o rhizomes)? Because it sounds like the substrate weighs considerably less.
Thanks for all of the help, Sharon
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Well not sure what substarte it is maybe I can't think of the name but you would probably need an inch or more, whichever you like but probably an inch for plants, and for sand you soak it I believe and it gets heavy in water so plants will stay down and as for gravel vacuming for sand you just run it over and not get into the sand. As for chaning the best thing to do is to put your fish in another tank for a few days while everything settles down.

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So in order to have this substrate I will have to set up another tank?
I do not have the room, and I also worry about not having it cycled and throwing the fish into shock.
With those limits is it just best to stick with the gravel and fertilize every once in a while.
Thanks, Sharon
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I would say yes but better to wait for gunnie or butterfly who konw more but changing the substrate would risk the fishes lives if you keep them in there. I have considdered chaning mine but don't have another large enough tank to put the fish in and my parens won't let me setup another tank
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thank you
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You don't necessarily have to. Get creative! If it's loose and may cloud up the tank, keep your fish in a large enough bucket for a few hours so they don't have to breathe it in. You could also get something like a small bucket or cup and pre soak it, then lower it down and very gently drag it from the cup or scoop it out with a small enough ladle. That wouldn't dirty the water anywhere near as much as pouring it in would.

Oh, and in response to whether or not it would mess with the bacteria... you could just put the rocks in a nylon bag/panty hose rather than taking them out. This would allow them to keep cleaning the water without taking up the bottom of the tank.
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Yes you could do that but you are still risking stress to the fish and the changing of the substrate could mess with the water chemisty and depending on the fish that are in the tank some that stress might kill them and some it might not so it all depends on the fish that are in there really.

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Thanks everyone, I think I will just to stick to good old fashion gravel.
I love the plants, but want to keeep things easy.
Remember, I want the (ohm -- yoga) tank. Everything nice and peaceful.
My 3 and 1/2 little boy, husband, and my business keep everything really busy, so the fish are my sanity, so to speak.
Serenity now insanity later -- I think I heard that somewhere before.
So I will stick with easy plants and if they start looking bad, I will replace them. They seem to be pretty cheap.
And the LFS has a large and healthy plant selection to choose from.
Thanks again, Sharon
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Gunnie was talking about that substrate on the post "starting over". She can tell you exactly what it is. ;D
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If anyone talks to her on another post can you let her know that I was asking.
Dont know how to get ahold of someone directly. Also if really worth the trouble, regarding cleaning.
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"Serenity now, insanity later." From Seinfeld.
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The substrate is called Eco Complete. Butterfly has it in one of her tanks, and can tell you more about cleaning it. I have some, but have yet to put it in a tank. I don't know if I would want to change gravel in an existing tank. That would be a lot of work. You can buy plant anchors for your plants or you can try making some. Here's a neat idea you might want to try:
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Thanks Gunnie, appreciate it.
If you talk to butterfly, can you let her know I am trying to find out.
And I know that you said that she kept angels as well. So trying to get input on the other question regarding tank mates for angel.
I don't know how to get a hold of a person on the site directly to ask, otherwise I would do it myself.
Thanks so much

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