Submersible lights

  1. rach125 Initiate Member

    Does anyone use submersible LEDs in their tanks? I was wondering if they have enough power to grow low light plants? I currently have no lid for one of my tanks but really need something as I plan to have zebra danios in there which could jump. I have got a piece of plastic which fits well but would not allow over head light through.
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  3. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I wouldn't use them to grow plants. There are many cheap options for lights that will sit on top of the tank glass lid. You can get a dome light fixture and put an LED bulb in there?
  4. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Do you maybe have a couple of pictures we can see? This might help us see what your options are.
  5. rach125 Initiate Member

    Thanks, I am in the UK so will see if I can find any here
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    I was thinking instead of the plastic thing on top could I use a condensation tray with an overhead lighting system?
  7. sunshine2012 Member Member

    I don't see why you couldn't try what you are thinking of doing.