Submersible Light

  1. Piratelife101 Initiate Member

    I currently have a 90 gallon freshwater aquarium and how it is set up, I can't have a hood light style light. This was find with my freshwater set up because I used 2 12" amazon submersible suction cup lights and was even able to grow plenty of plants. Now I that I am thinking about moving my saltwater tank to this 90 gallon, I wanted to make sure I had enough light to grow the few pieces of coral that I have. I don't have anything special and don't plan on having anything that requires a lot of light like hard corals. I only have a mushroom coral and green star coral. Would those two 12"suction cup lights be enough or does anyone know of a strong submersible light.
  2. grantm91 Fishlore VIP Member

    Asking this means you need to do some research, those lights are no good for coral, but they are for fresh water i love them for the price they are cool i have the ones with the remote control lol, i have a 3ft one on my 120fw.

  3. Piratelife101 Initiate Member

    Do you have any advise for something that may work in the situation? I would say no lid and then mount a light above it, but I have a lantern bass and a jawfish that may jump. The lid I use is two layers, the first is a white polycarbonate plastic and then I have a white siding on top to make it look nice.