Subdued Flourescent Lighting

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by LuckyGourami, May 18, 2019.

  1. LuckyGourami Valued Member Member

    So... I finally got my 20-gallon tank cycled and scaped, and my Cherry Barbs are settling in. I have four males and six females. I am beginning to think the flourescent light on this tank is too bright for them. When the light is on, the males chase each other quite a bit. They also bug the females, though I think that is just males being males. Anyway, I have read that Cherries prefer subdued lighting, and they seem a lot calmer when the light is off.

    I have a programmable Fluval LED on my 8-gallon tank, and I absolutely love it. I have thought about getting one for the 20-gallon, but they are crazy expensive. Do they make a less bright flourescent bulb that I could swap in? Alternatively, is there something I could put over the glass section of the hood to act as a sort of low-tech dimmer?

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  2. Wraithen Well Known Member Member

    Shade cloth or screen
  3. LuckyGourami Valued Member Member

    But wouldn’t cloth be a fire hazard?
  4. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    A glass lid will usually cut down on the lighting.
  5. Wraithen Well Known Member Member

    A dirty glass lid has surprising little effect on photosynthetic active radiation, so I'm not sure how well it would help.

    If your lights are directly on the shade cloth, it would be a bad idea. Otherwise it would be safe. You could also tint glass tops. A better and easier solution is a floating plant like frog bit, salvinia, or something that will float around blocking light. Half my 6 foot tank is blocked pretty well with some jungle val lol.
  6. LuckyGourami Valued Member Member

    I have not had good luck with floating plants. I bought some Java Moss that turned brown during transit. It disintegrated and got blown around everywhere. Then I tried some duckweed, which got sucked up into my filter and blown around everywhere.

    Anyway, I decided to invest $75 in a Fluval Aquasky LED. I have it on a low setting, and the Cherries seem much happier. There is significantly less chasing, and sometimes I actually see the males hanging out together.