Sturtys tanks 200L FW and 200L SW

Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by Sturty, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Just thought id start a thread on my two tanks rather than open dozens of new threads every time i have a new question :)

    Firstly im new to keeping fish of any sort, and only have experience with yabbies. Yabbies are EASY to care for and breed when compared to fish lol
    My partner of three years bought me a 6 foot twin tank setup for christmas. Its made up of two 3foot 200L (55g?) tanks

    I started the fw tank by filling it with a dozen yabbies including my prize male Rex amd is breeding friend Arrgee. Very very Short story i went to the pet store and ended up with a freah water fish and the offer of 4 salt water fish that need a home within 7days (their tank got sold) or they would be disposed of
    So i left with a few fish and placed them in the fw tank and removed the yabbies a few days later as they attemped to off a fish.
    I now only have rex in a 40L tank (looking for bigger)

    I also went about setting up for the salt water fish, i will fully admit i did not prepare enough due to in experience and lack of available products over the 7 days

    I got my 4 SW friends at the end of the seven days and put them in the tank with their 100L of existing water, their live rock and substrate.
    As some people may of noticed im having issues with the SW
    Firstly i dont know what all the fish are, i know that two are clown fish but the other two are as yet unconfirmed purple chromis.
    Im also having issue with water quality thats possibly the cause of the chromis turning very very white randomly. i have 80ppm nitrate reading and a possible mini cycle, but the reading finnally started dropping today.
    And thats where the sw guys are at

    The fw guys are much happyier, the tank cycled in 4 days (from first setup) my very excited partner purchased more fish while i was at work so i currently have
    7 white cloud moutain minnows
    6 neon tetras
    3 angel fish
    And 1 red eye tetra

    After christmas i will be adding 6 more red eye tetra and some bott dwellers once i decide on a breed (taking all suggestions :) ) and depending on how my stock levels look i would like to find betta for a center piece (i will not buy a betta from a pet store i dont agree with fish kept in cup sized "tanks")

    Thanks for reading amd i welcome all feedback and suggestions, good or bad.

    I'll post more pics in a minute





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  2. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    I love the side by side look....

    Quick question, is that coralline algae or cyano on your live rock? Kinda hard to tell from photo, but it's cyano coloured.
    If it's cyano (slimey), try re-pointing the powerheads to increase flow over the rocks. If it's coralline all good :;hf

    And, just to nit-pick, I'd try fill the tanks higher so the water line is less visible (just my preference), especially for the SW where evaporation could leave a salt line.

  3. SturtyValued MemberMember

    I believe its slimey Cyano :(
    It completely covered all the love rock and glass in the previous tank due to no water changes, no water flow and 10 days of complete light


    Alot of it fell of during the move into my tank and i was afraid to actually remove it in fear of upsetting the water conditions even furthur

    I also have a new development. While doing a water change and gravel vac last night (thats why the water was low in the photo) i found Flat Worm like creatures in the gravel.
    I asked the lady who ran the petshop with a surprising answer.
    She said there was alot of them (hand fulls) in the old gravel and she tried removing all of them when she got the gravel out for me.

    This SW is doing my head in :-(
    This is a photo of the worms from the bottom of the tank looking up into it

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  4. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    They're bristle worms :;hf

    They're harmless detritus feeders, and will help keep the tank clean. I have two in my tank (hitch hikers) that are now 12" long! (at a guess)

  5. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! :) finnally some good news
    Thankyou heaps -)

    Will they live in sand like subtrate?
    You might be able to see the sand like stuff in the tank its a Red sea product labeled as Reef base- natural Aragonite spheres
    It was left in the bottom of the old tank before the petshop had the clown fish, i actually have a 5kg bag of it that i would like to put the tank one day (very distant future)
    Has anybody used the product before?
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  6. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    They can live all over, mainly on the substrate, where most of the detritus falls. You might find they go crawling on Live Rock looking for food, but once the tank establishes, they'll tend to stay on the substrate. Mine stay at the bottom of the tank.

    Aragonite sands/substrates are a good addition (I have the CaribSea sand in mine), as they will help buffer the water (pH, alkalinity and calcium), kind of like a slow release fertiliser.

    You may find you have some other worms in the tank (they won't all be bristle), but on the whole, most worms are perfectly harmless, and help keep the substrate and tank clean.

  7. SturtyValued MemberMember

    I was looking at the the bottom of my tank much to my partners amusement :) and I found a new worm :)
    Its around 3inch long and alot darker than the bristle worms
    Heres a short video (please excuse anything i say and the poor iphone quality)

    And my nitrate in the SW tank is staying stable at 40ppm
    Hopefully another 60-50% water change should drop it into acceptable levels.
    Im also looking at getting some dry man made live rock and setting up a sump to fit a skimmer (my hood doesnt have enough room to fit one)
  8. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Santa dropped off a disturbing present!!
    Im a stupidly curious person and put a torch on my sw tank tonight. Guess what i found???
    A FOOT LONG BRISTLE WORM!! its all sorts of disgusting and creepy but still entertaining to watch.
    Are you sure they cant hurt my fish ryan? Im almost temped to drop the creepy bugget into my yabbie tank for dinner.
  9. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    They are fine I have three at the 12" range and all they do is cruise my sand looking for food no one else in the tank eats ;).
  10. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    That's terrifying, and making me want to avoid SW tanks...I love your dual-tank set-up though, hope the SW tank gets settled in soon :)
  11. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    I'm with Jessi - they just cruise the sand bed.

    The only danger they present is to us unsuspecting humans - don't touch them with bare hands, their bristles can stick in your skin for weeks! :giggle:

    I'd leave it in there (SW is all about the complete eco-system), they seem to get to about 12" and stay there, at least it's the most commonly reported size I hear.
  12. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Haha yeah i'll leave it there :) well both of them actually, theres another one around 6inch long.
    They look so creepy ;:barf
    Thanks kinezumi it makes for good viewing, ive lost hours watching one side, then the other, then back to the first :)

    And the sw guys seem to be happy, they've learnt when feeding time is and the clowns get fed at one end and the chromis get fed at the other. They are so friendly :) they even nibbled at my fingers once
  13. SturtyValued MemberMember

    So on saturday my girlfriend and i went to the city which is an hour away to for my birthday, shopping and dinner. I called into a locally owned pet store where i had great success.
    Talked to a salesman who turnout out to also be the owner, i explained my tanks and equipment situation. The guy was great, turns out he use to sell marine fish and equipment but ended up going to fresh water only. His reason being was people wouldnt set their tanks up properly or listen to his advise. He unded up getting sick of people buying fish because they were pretty and killing them within weeks.
    I actually returned a skimmer which wasnt suitable for my tank (my girlfriend tried god love her) and he found a skimmer from an old display tank whick he sold me cheap :)
    I ended up leaving with-
    1x Redsea Prizm skimmer
    1x Hagen Marine glo t8
    1x Hagen Aqua glo t8
    4x tropical plants (i forgot the name)
    1x tetra fish food
    And my favourite
    4x golf ball sized mystery snails!

    Gees the snails are fast! They can make it from one end of the tank to the other in less that a minute
    While looking at all the fish i realised i got a bargin
    When i got my tropical fish i got 6 neon tetras but looking at the neans in a tank next to the cardinal tetras i realised i have the cardinal :)
    Cardinal tetras @ neon prices = win

    The skimmer is up and running as i type so hopefully i'll see nitrates drop in the next 24hours and i have a sump designed to fit under the display tanks. I'll get it made up out of perspex and assemble it next weekend.

    Oh and i made a modified overflow pipe with a stockman intake. I redesigned the priming tube to make it dead silent :)
    Photos to come in the morning
  14. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Just had another win! :) big box of various corals for $10 yaaay
    Im not sure how to correctly add them to my tank yet. Will they have an effect in the water hardness?
    Im going to wash them in hot water then maybe add one piece every two to three days? Or if i can add it all at once i'll wait two weeks untill i get some dry live rock and do a cave with the live rock and glue the corals to the live rock. Im going to add some coraline and possibly a turbo snail too ive just got to decide what species of turbo, im thinking mexican turbo at the moment.
    Anyway enough of my talking. Heres sone photos

    My fw mystery snails and an angel feasting on sone zichini (i cant spell)
    My plants (not sure of the species?) and a cardinal tetra saying hi

    My $10 coral
    Im not going to use these, they feel too sharp. Of someones wants them let me know (freebies)
    The purple ones are really really fragile
    My favourites
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  15. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks to your epic tanks I think i am going to turn my 26g into a salt water tank :) your tanks look pretty epic btw! Are the tanks able to be seperated or is it basically a 110g with a glass divided silliconed in place. I would kill for a tank setup like that! (Would give me more room in my bed room at least lol)
  16. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the kind words :) Its actually two completely seperate 3 foot 200L tanks. We got the two tanks, stand and hood for $160 second hand.
    Unfortuately the hood is a bit low so i cant fit i skimmer properly. Ive actually got the lid up an the skimmer hanging on the front untill the sump is done.
    Ive got alot of aquascaping to do but for the moment im just getting all the conditions right and trying to keep the ecosystems happy.
    Like most newbies i jumped in the deep end with no knowledge but thanks to this site and Ryanr in particular im learning alot very fast.
    Fingers crossed i can pull this off and have it all sorted and settled in over the next three months.

    Ps im trying to come up with a way of putting the coral in if i can put it all in at once.
    How does this look?
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  17. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    I like the way you set the coral :) would look most awesome like that in your tank!

    Yeah my brother is going to just jump in with 0 planning I decided to be smart and ask ahead of time :) I am starting small with only a 26g BF lol... I don't even know what is needed to set it al up...
    However the reason you jumped right in is quite noble! You saved those fish from death!
  18. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Ahhhh so ive just learnt how hard it is to position coral while its in the water
    Please excuse the heater in the tropical tank.
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  19. SturtyValued MemberMember

    I forgot to mention my 3 beautiful marble angel fish. These three fish are increadible, they are showing personalitys and levels learning i didnt know were possible in fish.
    They have learnt what time feeding is, where they get fed and who i am.
    They'll come straight up to me when i go near the tank and will follow me up and down the tank. When i put the plants in they hovered half an inch from me the whole time. I know i shouldnt of done this but one even lets me pick him up without putting up a fight or trying to swim away.
    I love them and im losing nearly 3 hours a day watching them :)
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  20. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    Time enjoyed is never lost ;)

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