Stunned Oscar - Tank Mates?


i am keeping an Albino Oscar in a 90g Tank at the moment. I got him 8 months ago. Since then he didnt seem to grow at all. His diet consists out of 4 varients of flakes/pallets, frozen food (redworms and some bugs i dont know the name of) + some vegetables and mealworms here and there to spice it up for him. i feed him once 1 per day with a break- day every 3-4 days. I know i should feed him smaller potions throughout the day but he always seems to be getting a very large belly because of it and im worried i will overfeed by doing so. I do a 50% water change every week. He only has a very large piece of wood in the center of the Aquarium. First i thought there wouldnt be enough hiding spices so i put in some flower pots but he doesnt use them at all resulting in me taking them out again.

I did a 2 month cycle before adding him. It may be important that i got him from a fish store which kept him in a tank about 30 gallons with around 10-12 other oscars which were about 3-5 inches. I dont know is age so cant tell how long he has been living in mentioned fish store tank.

Is there anything I can do to help him ? Also i planned on only keeping him as the main fish in the aquarium. But with is stunned growth i would like to add tank mates because the aquarium is actually very empty with just him. Should i have anything in mind with him being still so small ( 2-3 inches) ?


I would feed him smaller amounts twice a day. If you have any Livebearers you could feed the fry to him to add some extra nutrients to his diet.


Extra nutrients like Jkkgron2 said and do you know where he was before you got him he could have been stunted before and unfortunately most stunted fish won’t grow to full size even if they are moved to a bigger tank

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