Stumped,fish flicking for months

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    Hello. Had this tank setup for 8 months now. Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 20 ppm or lower
    Ph 7.4-7.6
    82*F 75 gallons. 2 ac110 filters and a diy sponge filter

    Rummy nose tetras sterbai corys 2 blue rams 1 female betta.

    Fish flick off plants and sand. Never seen spots. Never a loss of appetite or lethargy. My blue rams have never devoloped full color, and often have a horizontal stripe running down body. It has been months of continuous gill agitation. I tried bumping temp up for over 2 weeks with water changes. I tried praziquantil meds for gil flukes. I tried malachite green/formalin for ich/general parasite. Not all at once of course.

    The last meds i tried was mardel quick cure (mal green n formalin) i havent seen corys flick since then but my rummies still do. Some darting as well. It has been very frustrating to not know How to fix this.

    My tap water ph matches my tank. I use prime conditionor.

    Today i woke up and i may have a clue. My "male" ram has a tiny white speck on his body. Could this finally be ich showing itself?? Could it have stayed in the gills and i just bever completely got rid of it?

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    If you've treated for Skin or Gill flukes, it's probably internal worms.