Stubborn Fungus And/or Sore On Head

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Lizardwings, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. LizardwingsNew MemberMember

    This ram is the second fish to develop a patch of fungus on her head. The first was a platy, who I didn't immediately quarantine because it looked like a minor wound at first. But then it turned white and fuzzy, so I quarantined him then. I treated him first with Marineland broad spectrum, did nothing. Treated him with proform-c, did nothing. Treated a second round of proform and he died.

    Meanwhile I treated the main tank with proform to try and clean out any remaining infection, but it did nothing apparently because now a ram has the same type issue. Exact same spot. I threw in some Tetra Ich guard, because that's all I had left, and it's predictably doing nothing.

    Any ideas what this could be and how to treat it? I was under the impression proform is one of the most aggressive medications out there. What's next?

  2. ashark8me

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  3. Whitewolf

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    Not columnaris. They are mould infected wounds. $5 bottle of methylene in a bath is all that's needed here.

    Also. Look into ordering some praxiquentel flake and metronidazole flake. If you raise mollies and chickids they gonna need to be wormed and treated for heximita parasites. I like They have lots of medicated flake and other good stuff ( even plants and fish).
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  4. JesseMoreira06

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    or just buy some seachem metroplex or metro+ by hikari and make your own medicated food from scratch , that's what I like to do.
  5. OP

    LizardwingsNew MemberMember

    Update: the ram has died :(

    I still need to get whatever this is out of my tank. I'm gonna talk to my LFS and see if they carry any of those things - I'm going to buy all of them. Because I'm going to war, and I'm gonna murder everything in that tank besides my fish.

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