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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by ajoyfulbettta, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. ajoyfulbettta

    ajoyfulbettta Valued Member Member

    i posted about my friends betta i'm watching for the week while she's away, and tomorrow he goes back to her. i tried to get him as better as i could, his fin rot won't go away, ive done water changes and salt dips every other day, and checked ammonia everyday, it's 0. i've added a heater and filter and plants and hammock to his tank, he has started unclamping, but his rot won't heal! i'll include a pick from last week, and then today, what else should i do? i have one more day with him, i'm also letting my friend keep everything i put in her tank until she can afford them, but i don't think i can get her to give him a salt dip, it even change the water ever other day. help!
    last week
    Image1529595364.562905.jpg Image1529595372.728848.jpg Image1529595377.965882.jpg
    the tank he has been living in :(
    IMG_3647.jpg IMG_3648.JPG IMG_3649.JPG IMG_3652.JPG IMG_3657.JPG IMG_3661.JPG
    he is very active and hungry, and those levels have also increased since last week, he swims a lot, lived to his in his plants, he sleeps in his hammock, and comes up to me when i lean over to check on him from bed he's such a good boy and i don't want to see him go down hill again
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  2. Velma

    Velma Well Known Member Member

    He doesn’t look all that bad, the only thing that does look bad is his pectoral fins. I’m not a huge fan of salt dips because sometimes it does more harm than good. If your friend isn’t willing to do too much for the fish, there’s really nothing that can be done. Frequent water changes are going to be his best option, but the lack of a heater in his main tank (your friend’s set up) also concerns me. When fish aren’t kept at the right temp it makes them more prone to illness and disease, meaning all the work you’ve done to treat him will probably all be reversed once he’s put back in to a less than adequate tank.
  3. jdhef

    jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    It can take several weeks for fin rot to heal, so I think you just need to be more patient. I'm not a fan of salt dips, so if it were me, I wouldn't be doing them. Just try to keep the water as pristine as possible (lots of water changes) until he heals. (Hopefully your friend will keep up with what you started).

    One other thing I do if a fish has fin rot it soak it's food in Garlic Guard (but you can use the juice from those little jars of minced garlic packed in water...not oil) and addsome Vita-Chem to the tank and food as per the directions on the bottle. But not both Garlic Guard and Vita-Chem may be hard to find locally (at least in my area).
  4. Lagertha

    Lagertha Valued Member Member

    Tell her he died and keep him.
  5. Velma

    Velma Well Known Member Member

    ...I want to disagree with this but I’m laughing too hard at the idea.
  6. OP

    ajoyfulbettta Valued Member Member

    brilliant! but i could never
  7. snowballPLECO

    snowballPLECO Valued Member Member

    Whenever I’ve dealt with fin rot, I simply did 50-70% wc’s a day coupled with adding salt into the tank every water change and hasn’t failed me, usually takes 5-9 days to heal though. Fin rot is manageable without meds
  8. Lagertha

    Lagertha Valued Member Member

    She doesn’t deserve him.

    I’d do it. Without a doubt.

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