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I'm really interested in setting up a betta tank for my son but my wife isn't having it as she fears the tank will leak or explode. I think this is pretty rare but she shared some horrifying youtube videos so I'm trying to be cautious before proceeding.

I was wondering if any of the standard tank manufactures use anything like thicker glass or better sealant, etc...something that might be a bit more reliable than normal even if I have to pay more. I'm thinking a 5 gallon tank so maybe this isn't a ridiculous amount of pressure and most things would be okay?

Any advise would be very welcome.


5 gallons is a very small volume of water. You will be fine with any standard tank. As far as precautions go, as with any tank just feel around the seals to make sure they completely cover the seams between glass, visually look and make sure there's no bubbles in the seam, and make sure the surface you're putting the tank on is large enough so that all corners of the tank are supported and can 1) support approximately 40-50 lbs without sagging and 2) is a level surface even after the tank is filled. If it is not level, you'll be putting pressure on one side of the tank which it isn't designed to hold and then you *could* experience failure. But even then, that's a bigger concern with larger tanks. A 5 gallon would probably still be fine


I don't think 5 gallons will be enough to shatter a tank, unless there was a massive flaw in the tank to begin with.

You also could make your own tank and use thicker glass / acrylic for the tank. Not sure how much of a DIYer you are though.

Definitely listen to angry rainbow though, the stand is arguably more important than the tank, as you down want it to collapse or fail under the load, which would make the tank fall. Also, as she said, making sure it's flat and level will make sure there is no added strain on the tank.

When I set up my 10 gallon, I was worried about the stand as well. I ended up buying one rated for a 20 gallon, for the peace of mind that it is "double strong".
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Landen makes some of the best aquariums today.
In the past I would have said All Glass but they got bought out and went for the lower end of the market.


A 5.5 Aqueon tank with a 50W Aqueon pro adjustable heater a corner sponge filter or a small Aquaclear 20 a sand substrate An LED light and plants will give you an absolute perfect setup with nothing to worry about providing as others have said it can handle 70 pounds or more. Even an older style nightstand made of real wood I believe can hold it no problem. I had a 10 gallon on one with 2 draws for over a year with no issues. I've since upgraded to my absolute favorite type of stand. Cinderblocks and plywood ( they hold homes and buildings up ). Can be painted or designed however you want and can look quite attractive for very little money.


Like anything man made, a tank has the possibility of failing like anything else.

The chance is extremely low.

If tanks having failures was common place, people wouldn't buy them.

A normal aquarium has 8 components: 5 pieces of glass, 2 plastic frames and silicone. If the silicone was applied right, then they are basically water tight until they are somehow physically damaged while being shipped to the store or by the user.

Who knows how the tanks on these YouTube videos were handled by the owner, if large rock decor had been banged around in the tank or if the stand the tank was on was not level and created a pressure point on the glass.

Regarding a 5 - 10 gallon betta tank, the likelihood of the tank being cracked or leaking from it being knocked into or struck by something is a lot higher than it spontaneously exploding on it's own.

It would be hard to find a 5 gallon tank made with thicker glass than normal. The tank manufacturing industry has figured out what thickness of glass will support a given volume of water, with a built in safety factor of at least 3 or more.

Petco is currently having their $1/gallon sale on Aqueon tanks.

I would suggest looking at their $10 Aqueon 10 gallon tanks and inspect the silicone caulking.

Pick one that looks the best. You can piece together the rest. The Aqueon Versa-Top glass lids are good.

The Aqueon tanks are made in America.

The Top Fin starter kit tanks are made in China. I've got a Chinese made 5.5g, 20 gallon and 55 gallon Top Fin tanks from PetSmart that we've had zero issues with.

Our made in USA 10 gallon Aqueon and 75 gallon Marineland has had zero issues as well.

We have real hardwood floors and I still don't worry about tanks exploding.

My suggestion would be to get the 10 gallon Aqueon tank from Petco. Although it sounds counterintuitive, a larger tank is easier to care for and cycle versus a smaller tank.

Or take a look at the Custom Aquariums website and their online configurator. There are some YouTube videos of hosts from fish hobby channels taking tours of their facility, and I don't recall any of their tanks exploding while they walked by. That place makes higher end tanks, with options such as tempered panels for strength and low-iron glass for better clarity.
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