Strongest Freshwater Fish


So I was thinking, what fish is the strongest freshwater aquarium fish you have had? Its definitely goldfish for me. But I'm curious what it is for everyone strong I mean survival. Water quality, defense against other fish, disease resistance etc.


A common pleco, I had him in really bad conditions because it was my first tank and I was stupid but he did well in it.


For me it was a betta. (When I was 2, he was kept in 1/4 gallon vase with clorinated water that wasn’t heated or filtered). Now, I recognize the errors in my parents ways and am gearing up to take on a sorority (and an axolotl, but that’s irrelevant)


Personally, it’s be either a Buenos Aires tetra that lived in a severely overstocked 10 gallon then overstocked and miss-stocked 65g who lived for 3-5 years or a rainbow shark who lived in a 6 gallon for 1-2 years, then a 29 for 6-12 months, now in a properly stocked 65g. Both were very tough guys.


Not really a fish because I've only ever kept guppies.. but the strongest aquarium creature for me is the common pond snail. Kept 5 of them in a small tomato sauce jar with only one rotting leaf for food and no cleaning the container (as an experiment) and all 5 are still alive and well after a year! If that's not resistance I don't know what is

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