Striped Rafael Catfish tank mates?

  1. Anthony10 Member Member

    I'll be starting up my 30gallon very soon now, and I was looking for a bottom dweller/catfish or a pleco! So, how would a Rafael do in this setup? Or should I pick something else?


    -5 Zebra Danios
    -6 Hatchetfish (Silver)
    -3 Guppies (I'm getting into breeding, so the females would be in the main tank until I see a gravies spot, then they would go into a 10g that I'm using for raising fry)

    So, should a Rafael cat do well? Or should I look into something else? If I were to get something else, what could I get?

  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Imo raphael's need more space, 50 gallons would be better. You could have a bristlenose plec instead

  3. Anthony10 Member Member

    Alrighty, no Rafael cat for me! I don't really want a Bristlenose cause everybody seems to have one, so I might look for something more "different" Maybe Oto's once the tank is cycled and up and running for awhile?

  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    There are other more unusual small plecs but they tend to be pricy.
    Wait a few months if you decide to get Oto's to let the tank mature, they will still need supplementary feeding with veg even in a mature tank

  5. Anthony10 Member Member

    Yeah, I found a Rio Negro on live aquaria for 13$! So that might be the pleco I end up getting.