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  1. BubbafreshwaterNew MemberMember

    Hello ladies and gents I have a 29 gallon aqueon fish tank I have a shark 4 tiger barbs 2 diamond fish a rainbow tetra tinfoil barb irredescent shark and I recently bought a rainbow shark ever since I bought the rainbow shark 2 of my barbs died and and now I found out my one of my diamond fishes are dead idk what's happening
  2. Aster

    AsterWell Known MemberMember

    Rainbow sharks are aggressive and are not suitable for your tank size anyway, they can get very large and need 50 gallons at the least.

    Also, you have some more stocking issues. Tiger barbs should be in schools of 6+ I believe, or else they can get aggressive as well. By diamond fish do you mean diamond tetras? That's the only thing that came up with a Google search, and they also need to be in schools of 5+.

    What is the other shark you mentioned?
  3. OP

    BubbafreshwaterNew MemberMember

    Yes I had 6 of the barbs but 2 died out of no where like I don't kno my ammonia level is but I clean my tank every week and yes I gues they are diamond tetras

    Iridescent Shark it's sliver with like black find

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  4. Aster

    AsterWell Known MemberMember

    You might want to invest in a API Freshwater Master Test Kit, many of us here use it and it's very helpful. Sudden deaths are usually from spikes of ammonia. How much are you changing weekly?

    Iridescent sharks are definitely not suitable for your tank, according to the Fishlore profile those monsters can get 4 feet in length and require 300 gallons or more. The tinfoil barb is also unsuitable, they grow very quickly, should be in schools, and can get over a foot long.

    I'd say return/rehome the iridescent shark, rainbow shark, and tinfoil barb. I believe you should also rehome the rainbow tetra because it needs to be in a school, but not sure about that. Then slowly add 2 more tiger barbs and 3 more diamond tetras. I think you can also then add a few more compatible fish, but make sure you research properly.

    The stress and deaths were probably from poor stocking.
  5. OP

    BubbafreshwaterNew MemberMember

    I change 50 percent every time I do need to get that kit.I will find new homes for the fish that isn't compatible with my size tank
  6. peregrine

    peregrineValued MemberMember

    We all hoighly advise getting it. It's well worth it. It says it will do over 800 tests. So lots of tests for just a little more money than strips. Also everything it gives you will help you make sure your water parameters are good for fish.(EG: ammonia levels, nitrite levels, nitrate levels, PH,)) Sudden deaths in aquariums are usually due to the parameters of the water not being correct. Like Ammonia poisoning. It also gives people here an idea of if your tank is cycled or not. If you aren't sure what
    I'm talking about, read Nitrogen cycle ((should be linked on the words))

    With your stock so high there is a good chance your filte ris not keeping up with it.

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