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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Fawn Dixon, May 28, 2018.

  1. Fawn DixonNew MemberMember

    Hi!! So I'm new to aquarium keeping. I've had my 10 gal tank for a month and a half and I have 2 mystery snails and a very happy betta :) 3 days ago I got a moss ball that I didn't clean super well and the next day I noticed white worms floating around. My boyfriend fed the snails and left the food they didn't eat in the tank for the day (while I was at work). I cleaned it up that night but next day there was a huge population explosion of the worms (I believe they're nematodes, super small and wiggly). There were so many the next morning that it seemed like they were bothering my betta. I haven't been feeding bc I was hoping he'd eat them. Hes normally very social and hyper and instead has been hiding constantly and it looks like when he swims past the worms and they touch him it's bothering him too. I just vacuumed the gravel and did a water change and now it looks like there are even more worms!! My betta was just super healthy looking and acting like his normal self before I noticed the worms and I just now noticed stress stripes on him : ( I just want him to be ok and I want these stupid worms out!! Please give me advice and tell me if I'm doing anything wrong?
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    Can you post a picture please? I really hope their not nematodes as most of those are parasitic and can even be harmful to humans.
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    They're kind of difficult to see but if you look towards the middle you can see how many there are. I read that usually they aren't harmful to fish, is that not true??
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    I really don't know how they affect fish to be honest. All I know is that a majority of them carry parasites.You are right though that is what they look like. I would say do frequent water changes and maybe cut back on food a bit. Make sure you'r not over feeding, less food will kill their food source. Your betta maybe stress out by the visitors popping up in it's tank. Quiet a few people I've seen recommend starting the tank over and bleaching everything. Some also say certain medication will work but dosing your tank could do more harm to your betta than good. However, don't panic I don't believe they will hurt betta.
    Hopefully someone with more knowledge can chime in here.
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    Temp, parameters, heater, filter? Can you give any of this information? Could be one of these things affecting the fish.
    As for the worms, could be the leftover food in the tank, if that is the case then they are detritus worms. Harmless, feed less and/or clean more.
    Can't see what they look like in the picture, looks like water marks on the tank. Do they look like the ones in this thread?
    Types Of Worms?

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