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    Yesterday i bought a dozen feeder guppies got 17, 3 have died which i expected . Today 1 of the females had 5 (maybe more) fry so i pulled the 5 out i found and added them to a small container with tank water and am floating it . i have a breeder net but i have 2 amaciated looking fish and the 1 i think was giving birth in there. While watching to see if i could find more fry all the fish started looking super stressed all got clamped and started shimmying. I did 2 back to back 25% wc they still look stressed out tho could this be because of the fry? I dont have a test kit and dont have the car right now so cant go get meds or have water tested and i left my prime at my parents but treated the water its tetra battasafe . There are 14 young ( about 1/2 -1 in ) guppies + the 5 new born fry (in a container) in the 10g tank these were feeders which werent well cared for at the LFS.
    I dont want to add the fry to this tank because the 1s i bought are not in good health i dont want the babies to get sick. What can i do with then untill they are ready to go into my nieces QT which is currently ocupied ?

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    In such a small container ammonia will build up quite quickly, you'll need to do several small water changes a day with water from the main tank.