Stress Guard/Coat versus Water Conditioner

I use Seachem Prime for my water conditioner when I do water changes. In the past, I have used API Water Conditioner too. I don't know that I really see any difference, not that I would even know what to look for, but many on here swear by Prime, so I go with the majority on it.

I also have used API Stress Coat and Seachem Stress Guard before as well, but more for adding to the water when I believe that my fish may be stressed, such as after adding new fish, moving some decor, planting plants, etc. I have noticed that both of these products state or hint at being Water Conditioners as well.

So, questions that I have about this:

1. Can I use Stress Guard in place of Prime or Stress Coat in place of the Water Conditioner?
2. If I'm using the SG or SC for when my fish are stressed, but not when there's new water, am I causing any problems?
Personally I only use Prime when a have some random ammonia spike. I use Aqueon water conditioner for my weekly changes. I have not seen a difference in use of Slime coat stuff so I don't use it. I put as little as possible in my water.

I dont think it causes a problem at all if you only use SC when adding fish. Skip it the rest of the time.
Once a tank is fully cycled any of the many water conditioners designed to remove chlorine/chloramines and heavy metals should work just fine. I continue to use Prime simply because it takes so little of it to get the job done.

To be perfectly honest I consider the aloe added to stress coat as a sales gimmick since there is so little in it but it is a water conditioner and should work just as well as Prime. As long as our fish are healthy we shouldn't have to add anything to protect their slime coat so I can't see Stress Guard being needed.

No, stress guard will not replace prime or stress coat. Both prime and stress coat are water conditioners. Stress guard isn't designed to remove chlorine or chloramines.
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Thanks for the responses! Both of you have confirmed what I was suspecting. No more gimmicks for me and I'll stick with my Prime. Thanks!

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