Strength of USB nano air pump in 5.5 gallon tank?

Weirdly enough I had a dream last night (or at least I'm pretty sure it was a dream lol) where I was on here and found a post from somebody saying that the USB nano air pump from aquarium co-op was too strong for their 20 gallon tank (basically, that there was too much surface agitation, and they didn't have an air valve to adjust the air flow). So, now I'm wondering, since I didn't buy an air valve, would this air pump cause too much surface agitation in my tank? Or should I try to get an air valve so I can adjust the flow?
I would get an air valve anyway. Handy to have on hand, i find.
it was powerful enough for my 10 gallon. a 20 gallon would have some dead spots because its not enough flow. its a very small mellow air pump.
I use one without any type of air valve on a 5.5 gallon in a sponge filter. It works well - I do have a 2' piece of airline tubing attached to it (which helps dampen flow), but it's not overpowering at all.

I also use one to power a sponge filter in a 36 gallon tank. It's plenty strong for that, as well.
I doubt it would cause an issue. I have a huge Alita pump on my 60g, and it buffets the guppies if they swim through the bubbles, but otherwise, they don't have any issue.
Because of how short the 5.5g is, I doubt even a betta would have any problem.

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