Stredded Bloodfin

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    Hi Everyone,

    I got a baby bloodfin tetra a couple months ago. I only have two other bloodfins (3 total) so the group isn't ideally sized, but the other ones do great and are always super happy.

    I think this fish got picked on a lot by my pearl danios since he's the smallest in the tank. He just hides in the corner and stopped eating. His still has his color but he acts very stressed. Should I take him to a fish store to re-home him? Maybe try to trade out for a new bloodfin to keep my group size up.

    My tank inhabitants are a group of pearl danios, neon tetras, and these bloodfins in a 20 gallon long. The danios, neons, and 2 of the bloodfins do great and are always super happy and active.

    I'm upgrading to a 75G tank once I move appartments in 2.5 months. But I'll be doing a fishless cycle so won't move these guys all over for about 4 months.
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