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I've been feeding a stray. Naughty, I know, but I'm a big softy. The poor thing looks like he fought a losing battle with fleas or some kind of biting insect. I got close enough to him to squirt some flea drops on his back, but I don't know if that's enough.
Anyone have any ideas on how to help this poor waif?



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Tame it and adopt it ;D ! Then get a good flea spray and spray the cat really well! Now, seriously, I don't think a few drops will help. The cat will need to be sprayed thoroughly and probably more than once, in order to really get rid of the fleas. If it has fleas, it can carry diseases too - a vet check would be best for such a cat. If you were sure that they wouldn't put it to sleep at a shelter, you could call some shelter maybe, or some animal rescue organization. But I know many cats are put to sleep at shelters every year because there is no one to adopt them Maybe you could slowly tame the cat by feeding it? It would surely slowly get used to you. Then you could catch it and get it to the vet. Well, these are my thoughts. I am an animal freak too, lol. I can't leave a stray unfed, or - as you saw - even squirrels abandoned. I just feel a sort of responsibility when I see poor animals in need. Besides, I'd feel really bad at heart if I abandoned an animal in need. Afterwards, I'd keep saying to myself "I wonder what happened to that cat ... or that squirrel, or whatever else ..." I'd have a guilty conscience and I'd be uneasy.

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