Strawberry Rasboras (Boraras Naevus)

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    RahRah2113 Member Member

    Hey guys, so I recently introduced 10 Strawberry Rasboras to my 20GL tank for a total of 11.. they seem to be very timid and when the lights are on, just hide at the bottom of the tank by some plants, always in the same spot. As soon as I turn the lights off they swim around for a short while then go back to the same spot. I introduced them 5 days ago. My original male (i've had for a while), which I named Nemo because he seems lost :) swims with the group sometimes but tends to venture on his own more often than not.

    So my questions are, what can I do to make them feel more comfortable? I can not keep the lights off all the time, for one I have live plants and other fish, also I like to be able to see my tank. Another question is, will Nemo accept or be accepted by the group? I really love these tiny little guys.. they are so beautiful and very entertaining to watch. Not much info on the internet, so any suggestions would be awesome!!


  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Can you include a pic of your setup?
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    RahRah2113 Member Member

    hey.. here's a pic of my current setup.. thanks

  4. TexasDomer

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    I would give them a few days to get used to the new tank. Hopefully the older one will school with the new school soon!
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    Nice tank. I agree, give them time to settle in. Alison:;hi1