Strange Yellow Balls? Plant Seeds?


I keep seeing these yellow balls on my substrate. I first thought it was out of the Colombo root tabs capsules that I buried because the Kribebsis has been digging. However, I keep seeing more of them. They also look too big to be from the capsules. Is there a possibility that they could be seeds from any of my plants? The plants I have are echinodorus ozelot and Reni, rotala rotundifolia, bacopa carolinia, lobelia cardinalis, java fern, Anubias nana and petite, cryptocoryne usteriana, bucephalandra.
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The only fertiliser I have used is tropica premium and Colombo root tab capsules


Try opening up the root tab capsules and seeing what's inside. If you see little round balls... you're probably paying a lot for mere gel capped osmocote.

on Amazon
1000 gel caps is about $12
Osmocote bottle as big as the bag of caps is $7
Osmocote root tabs on Amazon 50 for $9

Expense = $19
Revenue = $180
Net profit $161

If I buy root tabs, they gotta be non osmocote and non gel caps. Flourish tabs or API root tabs. The only reason I buy is when I'm planting/fertilizing shallow (2-3 inch deep) or loose substrate that doesn't hold down gel caps and osomocote granules. My pond pots I use osmocote, but they have substrate depts of 6-10 inches ensuring that the caps or granules never come up.


They look exactly like Osmocote granules. When I see them pop up, I just plant them back in as deep as I can under the plant roots with planting tweezers. If I accidentally puncture one, it's like a dusty powder inside. It's better to have them buried because if they dissolve too quickly, they would release too much fert at once including ammonia. So I also don't like to use too many at once because of this.
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