Strange use of fish...

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This was an...interesting article I found on Yahoo! news... Not sure if this is what most of us had in mind when we began keeping fish...
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Too weird. I wonder if they take good care of their fish. There are like 0 nutrients in dead foot skin.
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No thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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They say that the water is too warm to accomodate most life, including plants... That makes me think they CANNOT be treating these fish well... They are carp anyway, so wouldn't they want lower water temperatures? I dunno, seems cruel to me.
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Ew, I saw that on the news this morning. If you think the article was gross. here's the video.:

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No thank you!
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I've been seeing articles like this for years now. I never really looked much into it - so I don't really have an opinion. Come to think about it I should - with a family full of diabetics I'm sure I could turn the stomach of a few family members. The article does point out that the fish thrive in the warmer temperatures but saddly you can rarely trust much to be true nowadays.
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Well... I've heard of it before - I believe these fish acctually eat parasites etc.... But it's hard to find info. I think it's pretty bad care for any fish though - the extreme heat and people with things like nail varnish that could poison the water.
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For years I experienced the sensation of little fish nibbling away at me in a natural pond that was located on a beach in Montserrat, before the volcano wiped out that side of the island.. thing is the pond was fed by a volcanic spring running under the beach, so the water was always hot and yet these fish thrived in it.. my favourite memory of soaking in that 'natural hot spa' was during the first stages of a hurricane that was just brushing by the island, so there we are in cold driving rain and high winds, neck deep in steamy hot water in a pond less than 50ft. from the stormy waves of the sea!.. and those fish are still nibbling away at us, good thing they weren't piranha!

All I can remember about these fish harrassing us back then in the hot water pond, is how creepy and annoying they were, but we tolerated the sensation because of how great the pond was for relaxing in and the water was supposed to be therapeutic too.. I actually miss that old pond, fish and all!
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Makes me glad I'm not one of those fish.
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ew, no thanks. Poor fish... sure that water has chemicals harmful to them... and I'm sure it is not cycled
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I love the feeling of fish nibbling at me. ;D But...would never do that cause I'm sure the fish can't be getting the best of care, and as others have pointed up stuff like nail polish can't be good for them. I hope the poor guys are fed stuff in addition to people's feet.
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I get the feeling they're viewed as disposable equipment.
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I get the feeling they're viewed as disposable equipment.

I thought the same thing. They say they are carp. But to me, they look like feeder goldfish.(which are small carp)
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Awhile Back There was someone who was going to get some but decided against it. That was when I first heard of them. I think that even though it sounds gross, for some of us it cures you exima or something. Just something to think about.
Lonely Angel
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Great, another form of cruelty to fish

It sounds like they aren't fed much (if anything) so that they'll be hungry enough to eat the dead skin. Also, changing the water after each customer means it will certainly never be cycled. And I'm sure there are chemicals in the water. Poor fish! There's no way I would support that business!

I actually saw this advertised as being on the CBS news last night, but I didn't stay up for it as I knew it would be posted on fishlore I was right

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