Strange stocking question (Anyone have Scarlet Badis experience?)


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I would like feedback on this thought from people who have practical experience with Scarlet Badis, if possible, as I can/have read all the same things anyone else can, so that wouldn't be helpful in the slightest.

I will be receiving some Scarlet Badis and CPDs sometime soon, and was planning on doing just them in a tank. However, I have a female betta that I want to move out of her current community tank, and I was wondering if anyone who has had Scarlet Badis thinks she might be okay going in with them/it (I won't know until they arrive how territories work out and how they get along (or don't) so I can't say how many/few I'll have in the tank). Many sources say not to put bettas with badis, but I'm assuming they're thinking of males mostly. This female exists in a community tank just fine. She's not an over-exuberant feeder, so I wouldn't worry too much about her out competing the Badis... in fact I might worry about the opposite. As far as I know, Badis hang towards the bottom mostly (is this right?) and the CPDs/Betta would hang towards the top, so there shouldn't be too much territory conflict. When I was reading about this topic prior to asking, one of the concerns I saw raised were if the betta and badis were the same color - she is black and silver so color shouldn't be an issue. If we decide to maybe try this, I would, of course, have backup for the betta (I do already have backups for the badis). Think it might be worth a shot? Or should I just not even bother trying?


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I don't have experience with them but check out The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium Youtube channel. He keeps and breeds scarlet badis and has very informative videos

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