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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by SwordtailDude, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. SwordtailDudeValued MemberMember

    ok i have a few mollies and and three are females i noticed that two of my females look as thought they are having a mini ceasure. they will randomley spot in the water sit there for a second and they will start shivering and will do it for a few seconds. what is happening because this is definantley not normal never seen any fish do this?
  2. MmbrownWell Known MemberMember

    Hi there, sorry about your fish.

    What are your water parameters- nitrate, nitrite, ammonia? Your profile says you do not know the nitrogen cycle. If this is true, you'll want to read the article linked to by the underlined words. The nitrogen cycle being out of whack in your tank can cause a number of problems, and may be the cause for your troubles at the moment.

    Have you added anything new to the tank recently, or have you done any maintenance? When was your last water change? Do you use a conditioner?

    When did you first notice this behavior?

    When you get back to us with these answers, we can help you better- or at least start asking more narrow questions. Hope to hear from you soon :)
  3. SwordtailDudeValued MemberMember

    i do know about the nitrogen cycle now and have for a while i just havent changes that on my profile. im not sure what the water parameters are im supposed to get my water checked sometime this week. i have done a water changes recentley due to my water becomeing slightley cloudy. i recentley got the mollies threeplaties and a swordtail. one first mollie started about two days ago and the other i just noticed today. one molly i got had a spot that i didnt see when i got her and it turned out to be ick so ive been using quick cure and it has basicly gone away i started using the quick cure recentley after i got her and i got her aroung two and a half weeks ago. i do use a declorinator that aslo acts as a conditioner.
  4. LibelleNew MemberMember

    My guess would be that your mollies have the shimmies, or livebearer disease. The fish stays in one spot but moves its body back and forth, shimmy. It has nothing to do with your water readings, but a lack of electrolytes. Add aquarium salt as per the package. Hope this helps, good luck.
  5. SwordtailDudeValued MemberMember

    ok thank you
  6. SwordtailDudeValued MemberMember

    well i just cleaned out my filter and i found the stranges thing in it. a pair of rusty scissors i guess thats what i get for being careless and not paying attention to whats on top of my hood. could that be part of the problem?
  7. SwordtailDudeValued MemberMember

    ok one mollies symptoms has stoped but i notice something different on the other she has what seems to be an area of a slimy substance in the middle of her mid section and i just seen her scratching on the rocks like she was trying to get it off. i read on the package that i got my quICK cure in that it also got rid of protazone _______ but i cant find the package and cant remember what it was called but it had an illustration on it that looked like what she has.

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