Strange New Fish In My Tank

  1. Mommymu Initiate Member

    There is a fish in my tank that I never bought! I have a heavily decorated and planted tank, today while looking for baby mollies I spied a fish I NEVER bought. It looks like a Pleco of some sort. I have a large 4 year old Common Pleco. 7-8 inches in length. Has anyone heard of Plecos being cross bred naturally with any other fish? I am adding a list of fish that I have and some pictures. This little one is creeping me out a bit. He is about 3 inches long, and I will try to get more pictures if possible.
    In the picture you can see my common ... and to the left between decorations is the new guy.
    Fish I have:
    Dalmation Mollies (3)
    Balloon Molly (1)
    Endler (1)
    Cardinal Tetras(9)
    Albino Cat Fish(3)
    Beta (1)
    Common Pleco (1)
    20158282_10213094257171848_919262752_n.jpg 20179878_10213094257451855_494210995_n.jpg 20158095_10213094296452830_1821047511_n.jpg
  2. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    Looks to be a bristle nose pleco, there are several color variations including calico. I have one that looks pretty much the same but a bit smaller.

    Did you buy any live plants or driftwood lately? It is not unheard of for juvenile fish or eggs to be acquired by adding something that was in another tank with fish.

  3. Mommymu Initiate Member

    I have not bought any new plants or driftwood or decoration .... The tank was planted about 4 years ago. Decorations have been in there for about 10 years. I bought 6 cardinals about 2 months ago - that is the only thing I have gotten in a year. except - Ghost shrimp... forgot they are in there somewhere.
  4. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    Could someone have added the pleco w/o telling you? Did you at any point have more than one bristle nose plecos in there? It's possible that the pleco is 4 years old, hitch-hiked along with the plants. After all, BN plecos only get around 4 inches long, smaller for females.

    There's also the possibility that the little pleco was accidentally netted when you bought the tetras or shrimp. Baby plecos are tiny, half an inch long or so. If you dumped the entire bag of water in when you added the fish/shrimp you might of also dumped in a pleco fry.

  5. Mommymu Initiate Member

    Thank you - All the ideas you are giving me are making me think - It must be a hitch hiker of some sorts.... It is just so strange that I have not seen it before. I water change 20% every week and vacuum 1 a month... I have a stool I use to sit in front of my tank to watch often. lol I "drip" acclimate when I get a new fish ... then net - then add them - One might have snuck by - ... I have only ever had the 1 BN. I was thinking no way could my catfish fertilize my pleco eggs? It is just so strange to me. I got a moss ball a year ago - Maybe that is where it snuck in on and with my tank to heavily planted - It played hide and go sneak for a year lol