Strange new betta behaviour


So I got a female betta yesterday from my LFS. Took her home and ever since she has been swimming in the same pattern. All the way in the back glass she goes from left to right, behind the filter and repeat. It's making me anxious lol. This has been going on yesterday and today. Tried to feed today and even though she was shy she tried to get to the food more than yesterday. Is this normal? In the store she also swam at the back of the tank in a 'pattern'

15 gallon tank (cycled)
With 3x platy, 1x molly. Both fish don't interfere


When I got my betta in to his tank he did the same. But he stoped after a few days. So I think she should be ok


My betta did it for about 4 days before stopping. Nothing to worry about unless it persists for more than about a week, then it could be a sign the water params are not good.
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