Strange globular puffy things in tank

  1. Downward Dog

    Downward Dog Valued Member Member

    I have a 20 gal community tank and a 10 gal Q tank. I've noticed that around the java moss in each tank, I've started to get these strange white-ish, round, puffy things. Sometimes they'll have a tan dot in the middle. Is this fungus?

    I'm currently fighting fin rot on my DG and older corydora catfish. My small corydora and cardinal are unaffected for now. My old catfish had popeye and was upside down alot so I decided to use Maracyn and Maracyn2 to clear up what I thought was bacterial. Could it instead be a fungal infection, and these round thingies are a sign of the fungus? Or do y'all think it's entirely unrelated?

    I've finished one round of Maracyn and started a second round, but have been unable to find anymore Maracyn2. I'm getting some ammonia so I decided to do a water change because I feel that good water was more important than medication levels. My catfish doesn't look like that much better, and I can't really tell if my DG is better or not -- how long does it take to see signs of fin regrowth?

    I know I'm talking about fish disease here, but I just don't know if it's related to the strange fluffy globes on the java moss or not.

    If anyone has any ideas, thanks in advance!
  2. kimoore

    kimoore Valued Member Member

    I just had something like this happen to my 5 gal. I added an extra air stone and within 24 hours it was all GONE!!!! I would try upping the oxygen in the tank. It just might be a simple fix. (This is my invert, ((shrimp and snails,)) tank, so i couldnt use algae fixers.)
  3. OP
    Downward Dog

    Downward Dog Valued Member Member

    I can try that. Currently both tanks run off the same pump and it's on the highest it will go. I only have a zebra snail in the Q tank so I could probably get away with not oxygenating it overnight, maybe?
  4. kimoore

    kimoore Valued Member Member

    ya, you should be fine