Strange, Bloated Fish

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  1. Ffrenchstar

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    Hi again

    We have only been keeping fish for a few months, and now have 120 fish in 8 tanks. Nearly all looking lovely and healthy, weekly 50 % water changes and frequent testing with liquid drops.

    One tank, however is a mystery and nobody in the 4 Lfs we frequent can answer. At first we had a few guppies, platies, swordtails and 2 cory Doras.

    Current stock is 2 guppies, 2 platies, 2 swordtails and the 2 cories. I have removed some to other tanks and we lost a few early on.

    All the females have massively bloated abdomens. Of course I just assumed they were pregnant but it's been months and no change and no fry. Some are square shaped like they are about to drop. The males and cories are all unaffected.

    The fish have no other symptoms whatsoever, surely if it was dropsy they wouldn't still be alive ?

    Can anyone shed any light?
  2. Fishywife

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    Can you get a picture? Female corys are bigger and fatter than males plus if its dropsy the scales will stand on end like a pineapple. Mine look like porkers too!

    Edit: Cory's are shoaling fish and do much better in groups of 5 or more.. just saying. Some different sp. will shoal together, I have 3 emerald green and 4 bronze in my 55g that shoal together as a group.
  3. OP

    FfrenchstarNew MemberMember

    I can't right now as I'm actually in hospital with my daughter but I will tomorrow. And yeah, definitely no problem with their scales.

    It's strange, they don't just look fat, their bellies are really defined. Is it strange we haven't had any fry in 3 months from these species??

    I realise that about the cories, but thanks. These 2 little albinos are crazy, we want more but am reluctant to add any new fish to this tank at the moment, or move the cories to another tank with other cories just in case of a disease.

    Thanks for your reply! My female platy in our community tank is fatter than the others but it looks normal.
  4. mattgirl

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    Can you post a photo of this tank? Is it a planted tank?

    I think it is possible that a female can hold the fry until she feels like it is safe to go ahead and give birth. Maybe something in or not in the tank makes them feel uncomfortable.
  5. Fishywife

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    Easiest way to get them to spawn is a large water change a degree or two cooler. Then if a Male is present they will deposit eggs all over the tank. My females have bellies that you describe, yours do sound perfectly normal to me.
  6. OP

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    I'm in hospital with my daughter but I can photograph it tomorrow.

    It's a planted tank, all 8 tanks are, one porous rock with a hole to swim through, one hollow log to swim through and some java moss.

    We do a 50 % water change once a week at least and I actually realised tonight that I haven't really been temperature matching any of my tanks so they may be getting colder water but we are just coming out of summer in Aus and the water is still warm. We have heaters but the tanks sit at 24 - 26 degrees C naturally.

    I asked a so called specialist at a big aquarium if they could hold them in and he said no. Could they really hold them in for more than a month?? Haha, I've had 5 babies and no holding in lol.

    And water is good
    Nitrates 10 or so
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrites 0
    Always conditioned and clean, good and strong inbuilt filter and light.
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  7. mattgirl

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    They probably can't hold them in that long but is it possible that they are releasing some and they are being eaten before you see them? I ask because I have a female molly. She gave birth to 3 fry within a week of me getting her. It was at least a month before she gave birth to more fry and even after she did her stomach didn't look to have gone down. She still looks miserable and ready to pop.

    hehehehe, yep, human babies are gonna come when they are ready even if we aren't :D
  8. Fishywife

    FishywifeValued MemberMember

    Fish can and will absorb eggs and or fry if conditions aren't right.