Strange behaviour - advice please!

Discussion in 'Platy' started by karenr84, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. karenr84New MemberMember

    Hi im wondering if you can help me.

    We bought my son a fish tank 5 weeks ago and 2 weeks later 2 platy fish - i was told they are both male. 1 of them (venom!! named by my son!) has always acted strangly hiding behind the plant (fake). He does eat but then hides again. Yesterday i went in there to feed them and couldnt see him - eventually i found him hiding vertically in the plant completely wedged in i thought he was stuck/dead so using a net freed him. However he keeps going to this same position in the plant really wedging himself in completely upright. He doesnt seem to swim about. Im not sure if hes ill or distressed or possibly my husband said pregnant and giving birth??

    The tank is 40 litres. And has a light and filter and air pump. The other platy is completely normal swimming around seems very happy. We also added 1 black moor and 1 calco orada goldfish 3 weeks later and they've settled in fine and get on with the other platy.

    Any advice you have would be much appreciated!
  2. Jake the FishValued MemberMember

    I recommend that you take the goldfish back to the LFS because if you want to keep those two goldfish you would need atleast a 30G instead of a 10G. Your platy is definitely not pregnant because males don't give birth or lay eggs.
    Also Did you cycle your tank?

    Also, you could take the platy back to the LFS and exchange him for another platy possibly.
    You could also wait to see what other people have to say.
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  3. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Hi, Karen, welcome to FL!
    I'm sorry your poor little platy isn't doing well.

    You have a lot of fish in a 10 gallon tank... the goldfish need about a 30 gallon minimum of their own. Goldies are HUGE waste producers and get very big. They also have very different temperature requirements than tropical fish like your platies.

    I'm afraid that Jake's idea of returning or rehoming them is probably for the best.

    As far as the unwell platy, I am concerned that he may be sick from being in an uncycled tank. Could you please read the link in my signature about the nitrogen cycle? It's got some very good information in it. :)

    If you are able to get your hands on a liquid test kit like the API master kit, it would be helpful to know what your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels are. For now, I suggest a 50% water change with water conditioner. Use what you have, but if you are able to get your hands on Prime by Seachem, it'll help us get your tank cycled.

    Good luck. I know this is a lot all at once.

    edit: If you could complete your aquarium info to add more details, that would also be helpful. :)
  4. karenr84New MemberMember

    Thankyou very much for the replies, will do the tests and let you know how i get on, bit annoyed at the pet shop (pets at home) sold me fish they recommended for my size tank.
  5. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello Karen and Welcome to Fish Lore.

    Sadly many of us have been where you are receiving incorrect information from pet stores. Remember they are in business to make a sale and don't always tell us what is best.

    Some great information above. The nitrogen cycle is crucial to fish keeping. It's a lot of information at first but we're here to help at anytime should you have questions.

    Best of luck with your tank and fish. Keep us posted.

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