Strange Behavior of Fire-bellied toads


A friends of mine has been keeping several fire-bellied toads and has had some odd behavior, or at least it seems odd to me. There were three, now two. And it seems the one escaped there has been no sign on it in the tank at all. Another of them disappears for periods of time within the tank. It went missing for an entire week and she couldn't find it. Do they burrow a lot, or is it just an excellent hider?

Also, she has read several different methods for feeding them. Some say a small amount everyday and other say as much as they can eat in during 2 feedings a week.

If you have fire-bellied toads, how do you feed them and how much?

Can you determine the sex of a toad, if so how?

Last question. Do they change color? If so is it based on health and conditions ?

Red wag platy

Just feed them a couple crickets with the proper supplementation or some earthworm every 2-3 days. Remember, these are ectotherms, which do not have to be fed as often as mammals. I would only feed them a small amount everyday if they are Juveniles.

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