Storms Coming, Power May Go Out, What Would I Do?

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I've only had aquariums since January and haven't had any major storms or power outages yet but I live in the South and with Spring here they're coming, and bad ones are expected tonight.
The kind of bad that makes you worry and keep the local weather on, the chance of my power going out is HIGH.
I don't really have any too sensitive of fish, in my main tank I have guppies, some snails, cory catfish, a lace catfish and two ghost shrimp.
I also have a nursery tank with many weeks old guppy fry. Both my tanks have a heater, filters and air stones going.
I'm worried if lighting hits are my fish in danger of being electrocuted and if power goes out for several hours with my fish be in danger of dying if their heaters and filters turn off?
Any advice on what to do or what to expect is SOO appreciated. I have a bad fear of storms anyways and this isn't helping, please give me some comforting suggestions!

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Unplug your impliances if you hear thunder use the classic trick to see if the storm is by you add warm water to tanks filters should be ok for a few hours and so should air stone

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A properly stocked aquarium should be able to go atleast 12 hours with out doing anything to it.
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My power was out today for about 2 hours. It's just around freezing temp outside. Inside was getting cooler by the moment. In the 2 hours time, the 10G tank temp fell by 2 degrees, the 55 by under 1 degree, and the 29 by 1 degree. I checked my filters and one had lost prime (drained all the water out of the compartment). I was doing research on this in case it was out for days (which is true of neighbouring cities - no power for the last 48 hours in some spots).

If the power goes out for longer and you don't have a battery operated air pump, you can also just take tank water in a cup and pour it from a height to get oxygen exchange. Do that every hour.
If your filter media is in danger of drying out, then pull it out and put it in the tank. Ideally, run some tank water through it but might be okay without.
If your ambient temp is falling like mine did, cover the tanks with blankets to keep the heat in. Putting warm water in is a great idea but long term (I mean if the power goes out for a day or longer) then you might run out. I have a gas stove so can heat water if necessary (trust me, I was thinking about this) but my water heater wouldn't work and the hot would run out eventually (9 tanks yikes).

There is no danger of them being electrocuted (they aren't grounded) but an excellent suggestion already made to unplug everything so you don't fry any heaters etc.
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As a fellow southerner ill say "don worry bout it hon" but since I'm exiled to the north for Navy orders I'll say there's some tricks to the trade. you can get a batter powered air pump that you can fashion into a sponge filter. Temperature shouldnt be too much of a problem for you. the airstone/sponge filter will help you maintain that turbulence and filtration. if you get a multiport manifold you can service multiple tanks off one pump given sufficient air line.

I can't stress enough to go to your hardware store for a lot of parts n pieces. When the "aquarium" label goes on it the price jumps up.
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With living in the south as well and having been through many many tornado seasons and scares I found this video extremely helpful. I was able to put everything together for pretty cheap and sadly it has come in handy more than once. The longest having been for almost two weeks.
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That video is amazing! Thank you!

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