Stop panicking everybody, please: mycobacteria are normal

  1. endlercollector

    endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    I am seeing a strong need to tell everyone to stop panicking and take some deep cleansing breaths. Too much has been going on, so I have not been able to start writing my series about how to live with multiple mycobacterial infections. Many fish keepers actually do so but just do not realize it. Yes, TB is rather rare, but it is only one of many mycobacteria. All of our tanks have mycobacteria, and it is just a fact of life. Good water parameters, healthy food, and sufficient space for the type of fish you have, in addition to minimal stress and normal cleanliness will usually keep your fish alive.

    Here are a few links just to show you the basic numbers that aquarium and farmed fish often have mycobacteria. This is not to make you feel paralyzed but rather to help you understand the reality of the world in which you live. There is a reason why you should wash your hands before you eat and keep your kitchens and bathrooms clean. It is day today cleaning and maintenance that will keep your fish and you healthy most of the time. And please do not swim with your fish ;)
  2. Tonia

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    Thank you for the great information and advice, EC. As with any bacteria that we or our pets normally live with, daily, it's more a case of taking care of yourself, your environment and providing the best we can that helps to prevent infection and disease. Not everything is curable, yet, but many things are preventable.

    and one more thing.... my fish LIKE it when I swim with them! can't I do that just once? pretty please!!