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Hello everyone my nameis Daniel. I am a single parent of 2 children, 1 **** cat, 4 bacterial media colonies(yes! I concider them my pets too) , 4 panda corries, 1 albino corry(that won't school and runs into everything), 1 goast cat(4 more on the way), 1 dalmation molly, 2 golden dojo loaches, 3 bristelnose plecos(1reg,1baby longfin reg & 1baby albino longfin),5 guppies, 1 silly african dwarf frog, a mess of plants & 1 "Dino" the dinosaur eel(I have been training this intellegent birchir) I got him unintentionaly. he has become my very best friend and does not behave as literature, and experts have presented. my hobby all started when my lil' girl came home from school with a little glass jar containing 1 alodia & 1 guppy in march of 2018. it has been a journey, an expirience and spends more $$ than my daughter. I'm tankin' on a budget though. oh, I'm a horrible speller. There ya go! Hello!!!!


Welcome! Wow, you really jumped in head first, only five months with fish! How many tanks do you house all of these creatures in, and what sizes?


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I have them all in a 60 a friend gave me. some ive had almost since the begining (they are survivors) all my cories, 1loach, 4 guppies and my birchir are rescued from people who realized having even a small aquarium is a lot of dedication. happens alot. I have a custom 150 long that I am building. I'm running marineland 350 and 100 in 60gallon. they are all happy though


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I took a real time pic I could have posted a prettier one from later, but I broke everything down to combat a blk algae issue at yhe moment. I have co2 rig in mind parimeters are ok for all my fish exept the goast cat . also rtreating a few fish that the bircher stressed out. he thougt they where food but I corrected him and now he knows. I put him in an iso tank with the other fish when hes naughty. he goes right in when I tell him. hr hates being seperated from mates. loaches are his besties. but wanted to show my tank at its worst.



stone-a-saur eel

Welcome! Wow, you really jumped in head first, only five months with fish! How many tanks do you house all of these creatures in, and what sizes?
Indeed!! They are all in 60 gallonnow. All except birchir are compatible. Dino tries not to eat tank mates. He fell off the wagon a few times but He's a good fishy. They all look happy but I was wondering if I should just give the birchir his own tank. Dispite working with him, I'm sure his instincts and impulses are very strong. What do u think?I just got done contending with blk algae for first time, I posted a pic the other day, of my tank at its worse during blk algae vs. Stone. I will send u a pic once I get things back together as my tank is usually easier on the eyes.. I'm a newb but I am diligent in becoming more educated in caring for a closed aquatic ecosystem. Its fascinating just how the water itself seems to be a living, breathing creature. Nice to meet u Mike

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