1. Frostytrollwithfish Initiate Member

    So, my fluval edge has officially been transitioned into a tropical tank. Anyways, few questions. As for stocking, my tank is running an aqua clear twenty (with a 50 gallon impeller peice), tank is fully cycled, and HEAVILY planted. 4 12" red crypts, two large java ferns, a large anubias, dwarf hairgrass all over the bottom, and a hefty forest of hornwort in the top section of the tank, probably four inches deep. Twelve gallons by the way. I know, nothing special, but I wanted to see if anyone thinks I'm overstocked. I currently have five cories and four neon tetras, along with three mystery snails and Assassins and assorted pond varieties. So yes, no? Also, for the cories I have three bronze, a speckled, and an albino. They all happily scavenge together, will they be okay despite them being different Cory species? Whew, that was winded. Thanks.
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    A fluval edge is not suitable for the corys especially bronze & albino as they're one of the larger species & need a bigger footprint, they should be kept in groups of 6 of their own kind not in ones & twos of different kinds.
    Corys also need to surface to take in air & they often do it at quite a speed, the edge only has a small opening for them to do that so it's possible they could miss & hit the top.
    I would either get them a more suitable tank or find them a new home.

  3. Frostytrollwithfish Initiate Member

    Actually that's something I've corrected for due to owning many mysteries over the years... I've lowered the water level about an inch from the cover so there is a full surface of air, which the cories have taken to fondly. But in other words, you're saying the corys are not well suited for this tank?

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  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    No, the regular sized corys are really not suitable for the edge.
    If you've lowered the water level you could have one of the smaller species of corys such as habrosus or pygmaeus

  5. Frostytrollwithfish Initiate Member

    Alright, thanks for the insight. I'll check the LFS for pygmys, but in case there isn't, anyone have suggestions on a different scavenger for the bottom of the tank? Maybe not the kuhli loach as I've heard they tear up plants which I don't want.

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  6. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    What size fluval edge is it?

    Your mystery snails will be perfectly adequate scavengers.... not sure why you think you need more? I would simply fill out the school of neons and possibly get a single centerpiece fish, depending on tank size and stocking capacity.
  7. Frostytrollwithfish Initiate Member

    It's a 12 gallon, or 46 liters, same difference. Cory's I like because of their social aspect AND utilities but I suppose that's not the destiny of the tank. Thanks

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  8. Frostytrollwithfish Initiate Member

    Also, the albino Cory has a great little personality, extremely social, but seems to be scavenging far more than any of the other corys. He's always eating! Like ravenous. He was digging away when I left for work right hours ago, and still is now. I even find him swimming upside down for minutes on end scrounging the undersides of Java fern and crypt leaves! And he's the smallest of any of them, just not as chill I suppose. Normal behavior from such a tiny fish as opposed to the bigger bronzes?

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