stocking :)

  1. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    hi guys-
    so I am so close to start stocking my 20 gal tank! I'll be leaving for vacation soon and I'll be back at the end of this month. Once I get back I'll be able to start stocking. :)
    So I think I want to include cherry barbs, endlers livebearers, false julii corydoras, and a golden german blue ram.
    I would love some advice on this stocking. Does anyone see any problems? Also, can you help me figuring out how many of each species I should have? thank!
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Shoaling fish should always be kept in groups of 6+, so 6 corys & 6 cherry barbs.
    I'd leave out the Endlers as they prefer harder water than the rest of the fish
  3. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    what order should I add the fish in and how many at a time?
  4. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    I'd add your 6 Cherry Barbs first, wait at least two weeks if not three. Then add your 5 or 6 Corys, do the same wait at least two weeks. Then I'd add your GBR. I'd see you having no problems stocking them this way. Just wondering what type of substrate do you use? Those corys will prefer to have sand so their delicate barbels aren't damaged on the rough sharp gravel.
  5. ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    There is a Lake Tanganyika cichlid called a false Julie, or julidochromis; is that what you are referring to?
    If so, you will have some water compatibility problems, especially with the ram.
    Of course, if you are referring to another fish, kindly ignore this post:)-rick
  6. Castiel* Well Known Member Member


    This is what he's talking about. Beautiful active little buggers!
  7. ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    Ah, , now that is a fish of a different colour---thx, my mistake (or maybe not--there is a Lake Tang fish called a False Julie, as opposed to a true Julie, one would suppose).
    At any rate, thx, and pls ignore my prior post:)-rick
  8. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    I actually just switched it to sand a few weeks ago. :) there's a thread about the transition.
    Thanks! Are there any other species you'd recommend adding as without the endlers it's not fully stocked?