Stocking Suggestions??? Question

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    Fishnugget43 Valued Member Member

    I have 2 platies and 2 guppies in my 16g Tank. they are all males and i did that because I have nothing to do with any fry. What do people suggest for additional fish? I enjoy Smaller Tropical Fish. Any Suggestions? How do Dwarf Gouramis do? I would be ok with a small algea eater or something... I just dont like the bigger ones they kinda scare me...
  2. agabr123

    agabr123 Fishlore VIP Member

    i'd add 3 otos and maybe another male platy and guppy to prevent aggression and you'd have a pretty full tank :) you could also do a few corycats instead of the otos
  3. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    You could try a pair of badis badis, aka chameleon fish. They are like tiny cichlids. They are not overly enthusiastic eaters, so you're current stock is good. I wouldn't mix them with fish that go nuts at feeding time. Also, the nature of the guppies will probably make the badis feel more comfortable (dither fish).

    If it were me, I would return the 2 platys and get another guppy. Then I would get a school of 7 neons and finally a pair of badis badis.