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hey guys,

My aunt wants my help to set up her fish tank completely (as in choose her tank, conditioner, fish, substrate, plants, etc....)

I’ve got mainly everything figured out except for the tank and stocking. I am thinking of getting the Fluval Vista (8.5 gallons) and was therefore wondering what stocking people would suggest in a tank this size?

I would also love to hear if this is a good fish tank for those who have had it previously! Thanks!

(And will 2kg of Fluval stratum be enough?)
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Joshuaharestad said:
If it were my tank I would probably do guppies. Or a betta and some harlequin rasboras. You could also go with neon tetras or african dwarf frogs as betta tank mates.
Some great suggestions, thanks! As much as I personally love Bettas, I think she is looking for more of a community tank, and I know having a Betta in there can make that difficult if they have an aggressive personality. Is there any community stocking you would recommend without bettas? Thanks


I she wants a comminity tank, you should really get a 20 gallon or larger.
An 8 gallon tank is good for a betta but not much else


I would recommend getting at least a 15 gallon and get a few harlequin rasbora, some endler guppies or normal guppies and a few corydoras. If your staying with the 8 gallon then get a betta or a school of ember tetras or a few endler guppies.

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