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    I am looking to better suit my schools and possibly add some individuals to the tank and would like some suggestions. I know my schools need more to each. I currently am housing 4 blue tetra glofish that started spawning this morning after yesterday's water change. There are also 3 xray tetras, 3 long finned tetras, 3 Columbian blue/red tetras, 1 rainbow shark, 4 kuhli loaches, 1 peacock eel, and 1 oto. The dimensions of the tank are 48.25" W by 12.75" D by 24.75" H. It is filtered by a Penguin bio wheel 350 with an airstone on the other side of the tank inside a cave decoration.
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    Hi there!

    If you already are planning to grow your schools, I would do some Angelfish or Gouramis maybe? They're semi-aggressive like your red tail shark. Has the tank cycled? Just being nosy because your water in the picture looks a tad cloudy.
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    It has cycled. It went through its cloudy bloom and diatoms. The tank was forst set up without fish for awhile in March then I later added the tetras. Next was the loaches then the eel followed by the rainbow shark. The oto was the most recent addition. The bio load seems to be handled as levels have remained balanced. The close ups do appear not as clear as the overall look. I took them early in the morning on my phone trying to get the best pics as possible before they moved again. What and how many do you suggest be added to the tank? We have seen some good size angels but I wasn't sure if they would be safe in this tank or not.
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    I would try to keep the additions no smaller than the shark since he might bully smaller fish as he matures. Sharks require a lot of territory so I wouldn't add too many other fish if you are going to grow your current school but maybe a pair angels to start? I'd also try to add more plants/rocks/decoration for your smaller fish to hide in if your bigger fish start to pester them.

    Have you tried   ?

    This is by no means fool proof but it will give you a general idea of what your stocking will look like when you add more fish.

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